Olly Alexander and Carl Barat reveal the secret to a perfect cuppa for #BrewMonday

Stick the kettle on....

Carl Barat and Olly Alexander have revealed the secret to a perfect cup of tea as part of a new campaign to tackle mental health.

The Libertines guitarist & Years & Years frontman have joined forces with the Samaritans for #BrewMonday, a new campaign that highlights how it’s entirely possible to save someone’s life by taking the time to sit down with them and discuss their feelings over a brew.

As part of the campaign, Carl and Olly have joined the likes of comedian Ross Noble and poet Hussain Manawer to discuss their perfect cuppa – and the importance of talking about mental health.


Describing his love of loose-leaf tea, Carl said: “I drink more tea than anyone I know. It’s my oldest ally.

“As much as mental health is being slowly destigmatised, there is still a long way to go. People are scared to admit they have problems to others, sometimes even to themselves.

“There is much work to be done before people can feel comfortable dealing with mental health issues without stigma. Long live the Samaritans!”

For Olly, it’s all about a traditional tea and one sugar – along with the calming effect that it provides.

“Drinking tea is a moment to take for yourself, a moment of calm and I do think it is best enjoyed with friends and family”, he said.


“I think quite a lot of people are scared of talking about their feelings and emotions, once you have taken that first step, people are surprised at how much it can help.”