The Libertines are finally set to open that Margate hotel-studio despite local resistance

The plans had 'unnerved' fellow residents

The Libertines have successfully purchased a townhouse in Margate that they’re planning on turning into a hotel-come-recording studio, according to new reports.

Frontman Pete Doherty first teased the plans last year, saying: “We’re gonna open a Libertines hotel. With a studio, nightclub, a bar,” adding that it would be “open to anyone who’ll pay the bills”.

Bandmate Carl Barat later reiterated the plans, explaining earlier this year: “We’re jumping through hoops – the last thing we’re waiting on is getting the planning permission. If that goes through then we’re in business and rolling with a place to make a record, place to rehearse, place to write, a place to do whatever we want really.”


Now The Sun reports that the band have bought a 20-room property in the Kent seaside town and have already moved in despite experiencing “local resistance”. The idea “unnerved” fellow residents, according to the report, who supposedly feared the band would turn the area into a “crazy party zone”.

A source told the paper: “This has been Pete and Carl’s dream. They want it to be like Andy Warhol’s Factory”.

It’s not currently known when the Libertines hotel will be open for business.

Meanwhile, the band’s drummer recently teased a potential release date for the band’s next album.

The Libertines are currently on a tour of small British seaside towns. See their tour schedule below.


22 – Blackpool Warrington Parr Hall
23 – Hull Arena
25 – Plymouth Pavilions
26 – Scarborough Spa 
30 – Lowestoft Claremont Pier
1 – Margate By The Sea Festival (Margate Dreamland)
2- Brighton Brighton Centre