The band insist: "...our music and our identity are not governed by a name"...

‘FLOPSTARS’ five-piece ‘LIBERTY’ have vowed to “bounce back stronger and more determined than ever” after being ordered by a High Court judge to change their name.

The band have dubbed the judge’s decision, in London High Court yesterday (January 22), as “unbelievable” after he gave them six weeks to find a new name ruling that Liberty belonged to a ’90s funk band.

In a brief statement, the band, who signed a lucrative deal with Richard Branson’s V2 label last year, said: “We are extremely surprised and disappointed by the verdict in this case. We chose ‘Liberty’ because of what it meant to us. However, we believe that our music and our identity are not governed by a name and we will face this hurdle, as we have many others before, with confidence”.


It is unclear if the V2 act plan to exercise their option to appeal the ruling.

They are due to release their debut album in April.

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