Richard Branson's new signings make headlines when band member Jessica Taylor pops out of her dress...

The POPSTARS TV flops who signed a £2.5 million six-album deal with RICHARD BRANSON’s V2 record label made their first press appearance yesterday (June 11).

The line-up of Liberty – made up of five from the TV documentary who didn’t make the final five who went on to find chart-topping success as Hear’say – is Kevin Simm, Jessica Taylor, Michelle Heaton, Kelli Young and Tony Lundon.

The Daily Express reports that the quintet have written six songs. Their first single, ‘Thinking It Over’, is released in August.

Unfortunately press reports on yesterday’s photocall are this morning almost unilaterally dominated by Taylor’s breast popping out of the boob tube she was wearing, rather than what Liberty might sound like.