Liberty, Richard Branson's £2.5 million signings, face video setback over sprained ankle...

LIBERTY, the POPSTARS rejects who were signed to RICHARD BRANSON’s V2 label for £2.5 million, have had the brakes put on their first single after one of them injured his ankle during a video shoot.

The group were in training for filming of a £100,000 video for ‘Thinking It Over’ when member Tony Lundon, an accomplished dancer who had been part of Michael Flatley’s Riverdance troupe, tripped and sprained his ankle.

The Evening Standard tonight (July 25) reports a source close to the band saying: “Tony never injured himself during the years he danced with Michael Flatley, but he came a cropper during the choreography for the video and that has put a stop to the £100,000 shoot. He’s being seen by a physio and we hope he will be up and running within the week.”

The single is scheduled for release in September.