Life Of Agony singer Keith Caputo set to become a woman

Metal singer announces that he intends to become a she

Life Of Agony‘s Keith Caputo has said he is undergoing surgery to become a woman.

The singer, who is currently on a farewell tour with the Brooklyn metal band, has begun to refer to himself as “her” on his official website and has tweeted that he will be undergoing a sex change.

He wrote on “Male to female transsexuals like me are the women who give up male privilege for femininity! Threaten the patriarchy!” He also responded to a question from a fan about the demise of the metal band by replying: “Life Of Agony has already gone into isolation and it’s got nothing to do with me transitioning [to a woman].”

Life Of Agony have released four studio albums over their 22-year career and have been cited by many of today’s metal bands as a key influence on their sound.

Caputo, who is 37, has also enjoyed a lengthy solo career, releasing four albums on his own thus far. He will tour the UK in the autumn. The singer is set to be the first high profile metal musician to undergo a sex change.