Life Of Agony’s Keith Caputo: ‘I’ve known I was transsexual since I was eight’

Transgender singer hits out at discrimination

Life Of Agony singer Keith Caputo has hit out at discrimination against people who opt to undergo sex change procedures.

The metal frontperson announced last month that she was becoming a woman and would be going under the name Mina and has now spoken out about the decision.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Caputo responded to a question about whether society is tolerant of people who have chosen to undergone sex changes by saying:

No, I don’t. The whole system we live in is discriminative and fucked up. Everything’s fucked up. There are no toilets for transgendered people for example, which is why there are so many beatings and brutalities. If the authorities and the people who make laws would be sensitive towards the idea that humans come in all shapes, in different forms and desires, then there would be a lot more love in the world.

The singer has said that she knew she was destined to be transgendered from just eight years old, but because of the environment she grew up in, could not go through with the procedure until now.

She said:

Because of my upbringing and Life Of Agony coming into my life, it was also a very male-dominated source of energy. I always felt uncomfortable because I was surrounded by these macho, alpha-male types.

Caputo has also revealed that she has enough new songs to record “at least three” new solo albums. She tours the UK in the autumn.