Life Without Buildings reflect on going viral thanks to Beabadoobee’s TikTok lip-sync of ‘The Leanover’

It clocked up 69,000 videos on the app and 3 million Spotify streams, 21 years after its release

Life Without Buildings have spoken out about Beabadoobee‘s viral lip-sync on TikTok of their track ‘The Leanover’.

It only took a 10-second-long clip of the former NME cover star lip-syncing to the 2000s deep cut by the Glasgow indie band to turn it into a new alt-girl anthem on the platform, with over 69,000 videos on the app and 3 million Spotify streams, 21 years after its release.

Talking about the recently-revived track, Life Without Buildings’s guitarist Chris Evans said it was down to the song’s ability to “take you somewhere or to a certain somebody – it can also be a wilful thought, say if you’re singing along in the backseat of your stepdad’s car.”


NME‘s Lucy Harbron also put the song’s success down to the fact that its “opening humming lends itself to an exaggerated satisfied smile as TikTokers lip-sync along to the track, casting themselves in the lead role of their own mini music videos”.


what a song

♬ The Leanover by Life Without Buildings – andrew :•)

Singer Sue Tompkins added: “I love discovering new music, old music, anything that just makes me feel something new and excites me… I think it’s just that you find things at the right time.”

Meanwhile, Beabadoobee recently delivered one of her biggest US performances to date, performing her single ‘Care’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Performing behind a mic loaded with flowers, Bea Kristi was flanked by her whole band to deliver the track, which is taken from her acclaimed debut album ‘Fake It Flowers’.


In a five-star review of Beabadoobee’s debut albumNME said: “One of the album’s greatest triumphs is the fact that Bea’s duality – rock star-slash-kitschy-introvert – is displayed so explosively.

“Neither part cedes space to the other; the two sides of her persona stand confidently shoulder-to-shoulder, intimate melodies giving way to choruses that, in another time, would have enraptured the masses live in concert (never mind).”