The track beats off competition from Primal Scream...

NEW LABOUR have announced that THE LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY‘s song ‘LIFTED’ will be their election campaign theme.

A party spokesman confirmed to NME.COM today (April 20) that the track would be used during Labour’s battle for a second term in power in the lead-up to the forthcoming General Election.

He said: “We are in politics to make life better for all the people of Britain. ‘Lifted’ reflects the optimism that inspires us. We are lifting Britain up and moving it into a better future. With the voters’ backing we can carry on with the job.”

A spokesperson for The Lighthouse Family added: “We are very flattered that the Labour Party has chosen this song as their campaign theme. ‘Lifted’ is a song about being optimistic about the future. It’s a song about people and about life.”

NME.COM recently revealed the two-horse race between Primal Scream‘s ‘Movin’ On Up’ and ‘Lifted’. The spokesperson said that when the final decision was made, officials considered ‘Lifted’ to be more “inspiring and best for their campaign”.