Lights announces October release for new album ‘Siberia’

BMTH collaborator also tells NME that there's a strong dubstep influence on her second LP

Lights has revealed details of her second album ‘Sibiera’, which has been given a release date of October 3.

The singer, who is best known in the UK for her vocal contribution to Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘There Is A Hell…’ album and for her duets with Architects and Owl City, has also announced that a new single ‘Toes’ will precede the album’s release.

The album, which is the follow up to her 2009 debut LP ‘The Listening’, features a collaboration with Holy Fuck and Canadian rapper Shad.

Speaking to NME backstage at Osheaga Festival in Canada last week, the singer responded to a question as to whether there were any influences on ‘Sibiera’ that were different from her debut album ‘The Listening’, Lights replied:

I don’t think I’ve incorporated it totally, but there’s a lot of dubstep in there. I’ve been listening to Skream, Benga and all the stuff they did with Magnetic Man and Skrillex too. The heavy beats and the sparseness, it hit me in a really special way.

The singer also said that the album wasn’t a complete departure from the poppier feel of ‘The Listening’. Asked whether ‘Everybody Breaks A Glass’, the only track to be revealed from the album so far, was reflective of the new album, the singer replied:

I’ve led off with the most extreme one. I mean there are songs on the record that are much grittier and much darker, but there’s poppier moments too. I’ve put one of the most different ones out first.

Lights also said that she was planning a comprehensive world tour and would definitely be looking to tour the UK in 2012.

The tracklisting for ‘Siberia’ is as follows:

‘Where The Fence Is Low’
‘Everybody Breaks A Glass’
‘Heavy Rope’
‘Timing Is Everything’
‘Peace Sign’
‘Cactus In The Valley’
‘Flux And Flow’
‘Fourth Dimension’
‘And Counting…’
‘Day One’