Lightspeed Champion asks fans to collaborate on his ‘D-list symphony’

Dev Hynes hopes to get those involved to perform the classical piece live

Lightspeed Champion has launched a classical music project and is asking his fans to get involved.

The collaboration will see Dev Hynes post the different instrumental scores on his website, with fans recording each part of the symphony until it is completed.

“Throughout the year I have firted with various forms of classical music,” Hynes said on his blog. “Eventually I ended up writing and completing what I feel is a D-list symphony of sorts. An ode to my favourite composers.”


Once each part of the symphony has been completed, Hynes has further plans for the collaboration.

“Hopefully, in the future, I’m looking to get everyone who has taken part together to perform the piece at a special event,” he explained.

Those interested in taking part should visit for more information.