Lightspeed Champion’s face ‘broke open’

Singer nearly didn't make it on stage in America

Lightspeed Champion‘s American tour was nearly thrown into chaos after the singer got an abscess on his face.

As previously reported, Lightspeed Champion had to cancel his Camden Crawl shows earlier this year after falling ill with an infection.

After finishing his course of medicine for the infection the singer got a growth on his face – just before heading out on tour again.

Writing on his blog at Lightspeed Champion said: “Remember I had a blood infection not too long ago? Well due to going on tour again days after I had finished my medicine course, I eventually managed to get an abscess on my face… it was horrible…it went down a bit as I realised I have no time to see a doctor.”

He then described how the abscess on his face “broke open” just before he was meant to go on stage.

Lightspeed Champion explained: “I was sitting on the toilet and started playing with my face…(as you do) and..oh god, my stomach turns thinking about this… but it popped. My face popped open…broke open. Whatever.”

He added: “I’ve never seen so much gnarly shit in my life, and it sprayed all across the cubicle door, there was blood all over the floor, and I really wish I was exaggerating…So as I’m running out the toilet with my face leaking… I notice Flowers Forever have finished playing meaning that we were meant to go on prettty soon.”

Luckily for Lightspeed Champion his mother had given him a first aid kit.

He said: “So I ran to a mirror, and started taping my face up with plasters, Nelly style…great…THEN obviously, I remember, that the show was being filmed for public access tv… so many fears, sweat dripping down my face taking the plaster off…my face then leaking with puss-blood..lame, whatever…”

Lightspeed Champion still enjoyed the gig though and joked: “The show actually was a comedy of errors, everything breaking, and I mean everything… jeeezeus… it was cool though!”