Fans get a chance to remix Lightspeed Champion

Get your mitts on 'Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk'

Fans are getting the chance to remix Lightspeed Champion, with an eventual ‘champion remixer’ set to win 2,000 euros.

Fans can download a ‘sound-pack’ of ‘Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk’ from the Qoob website. Within the download there will be all the sounds which allow you to compose the track and remix it.

The best remix will be chosen by Lightspeed Champion. The winner will receive a Domino Records special pack with including CD albums.

Fans can also remix the video by downloading the mp3 of the song from Lightspeed Champion webpage on Qoob. The winner of the video remix competition, also chosen by Lightspeed Champion, will win 2,000 Euros.