Lightspeed Champion gives Oxegen unique hay fever ‘cure’

Dev Heynes battles the pollen to complete festival set

Lightspeed Champion overcame a nasty bout of hay fever to play the Oxegen Festival‘s Pet Sounds Arena this afternoon (July 13).

Looking a bit woozy as he took the stage, Dev Hynes however revealed a novel ‘cure’ to the allergy.

“Oh man, has anyone else got really bad hay fever today?” he asked the crowd, getting a large shout of “yes” back from the audience.

“Let’s have a big fuck you to hay fever, it’s not on,” he continued. “The only way to beat it is to get wasted, that’s what my doctor said.”

Hynes, joined by a drummer, bassist and a violinist/guitarist, soldiered on though, including new song ‘Marlene’ in his set along with a series of crowd pleasers from his debut album ‘Falling Off The Lavender Bridge’.

“Wow, this hay fever is intense, sorry to keep going on about it,” explained Hynes as he introduced the final song, his regular epic mash-up between the ‘Star Wars’ theme and his own ‘Midnight Surprise’, before urging the crowd to watch MGMT later.

“We’ll see on the front row,” he declared.

Lightspeed Champion played:

‘Dry Lips’

‘Galaxy Of The Lost’

‘No Surprise’


‘Tell Me What It’s Worth’

‘Star Wars Medley’/’Midnight Surprise’

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