Ill Lightspeed Champion forced to fly home from Europe

Singer songwriter cancels Camden Crawl shows

Lightspeed Champion has had to fly home after a gig in Switzerland after being taken seriously ill.

The stra, real name Dev Hynes, headed back to the UK after a tooth infection spread to the rest of his body.

Talking on his blog, the ex-Test Icicles member wrote: “I got taken to hospital in Switzerland as I couldn’t walk. We all thought it was torn ligaments in both my ankles… but it turned out an infection that had started in my tooth had slowly spread throughout my body and made its way down to my ankles, rendering them useless except for the art of excruciating pain.”

The two Camden Crawl shows Hynes was going to play in London over the weekend have been cancelled.

Other scheduled tour dates, including some shows with We Are Scientists, are expected to run as usual.

The singer who has been on a mammoth tour, including dates at South by Southwest in Texas, added: “Everything is related though, headaches, cold sweats… fevers, loose bowels, constant tiredness…exhaustion gone into overdrive due to no immune system at all.. and any little that I did have has been trying to fight this infection that’s been slowly taking over my body.”

Hynes is now recuperating at his parent’s house in a bid to get better.