LIGHTSUM on being public figures: “I’m aware that everything I say can be influential”

“Which is why I want to study and learn more about the world"

South Korean rookie girl group LIGHTSUM have talked about how they would like to inspire and influence others.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the eight-member act opened up about their larger purpose as a idols. In particular, LIGHTSUM’s leader Juhyeon brought up the responsibility the group now carry as public figures.

“As an idol, I’m aware that everything I say can be influential,” she explained. “Which is why I want to study and learn more about the world, so I say the right thing, the good thing.”


The dancer also voiced her passion for the environment, which she hopes to impart to fans. “There are environmental issues that I’ve been feeling concerned about, so I’ve been trying to study and pay attention to that more,” she said. “Mostly about global warming and what I can do in my daily life to help relieve it, like reducing plastics or not consuming meat as much.”

On the other hand, singer Huiyeon said that she hopes the group can act as “friends for those who pursue their own paths”. She also cited her mother as an inspiration, saying that she wants to “find my own style and be confident in expressing my opinions and breaking stereotypes”.

LIGHTSUM made their debut under CUBE Entertainment earlier this month with the single ‘Vanilla’. In a four-star review, NME‘s Rhian Daly called the song a “is a sweet and powerful sugar rush of a debut”.

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