The star is convicted of perjury...

Rapper [url=]LIL’ KIM is expected to be sentenced to jail time after being convicted of perjury yesterday (March 17) in NEW YORK.

The pint-sized performer, who won a Grammy in 2001 for her performance alongside[a][/a], Maya and [url=]Christina Aguilera on the song ’Lady Marmalade’, was being tried for obstructing the course of justice, conspiracy to commit perjury and making false statements. The charges stemmed from her connection with a shoot out between her entourage and associates of a rival hip-hop artist outside New York radio station Hot 97 in 2001. Prosecutors alleged that the singer lied to them during their investigation and during grand jury testimony.

Yesterday the singer beat the obstruction of justice charge, but was found guilty on three counts of perjury and one conspiracy charge. The singer told prosecutors she was wearing dark glasses and therefore did not see her associates Damion Butler and Suif Jackson take place in the shoot out. But several witnesses placed the two at the scene with her.

Though she left the court silently the 29 year-old rapper later released a statement saying the verdict left her “disappointed.” The rapper will return to court on June 24 for sentencing. She faces up to five years behind bars for each count.