"Our chemistry in the studio was just like, cool," said the girl rapper...

LIL’ KIM has said she wants to work with EMINEM and DR DRE on her new album.

The rapper, who famously collaborated with [/a], [a] and Christina Aguilera on a cover of ‘Lady Marmalade’, said she has a shortlist of people who would be good for her new solo effort.

She told MTV: “I want to work with Eminem, ’cause I just love him. He’s fucking crazy. Excuse my language, but I love him. Actually, I’ve been talking to Dre a lot. And Dre and I are talking about possibly doing some collaborations. He’s a cool cat. I love Dre. Our chemistry in the studio was just like, cool. We’ve been working, you know, trying to cook up some things. And I’ve been having some talks with [a][/a]. There’s a lot of producers that are out there that I like. Of course, you know, The Neptunes.”

“I’m not the type of person that whatever’s supposed to be hot at that moment, that’s what I have to run to. The kid from building C down the block could come up to me with a dope-ass track and I’m taking it.”