Lil Nas X and friends storm Area 51 in new animated ‘Old Town Road’ video

Keanu Reeves makes a cameo

Internet-savvy sensation Lil Nas X heads to Area 51 in his new animated video for the latest remix of ‘Old Town Road’, featuring Young Thug, Mason Ramsey and original guest Billy Ray Cyrus.

This video jumps on the latest internet joke: storming Area 51, that classified military facility-turned-urban legend that’s long been rumoured to harbour aliens. It all began with a Facebook event that invited attendees to “all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry” on September 20. The now-viral event stands at 1.4 million RSVPs.

For his new video, Nas X, country trap prince and consummate meme-lord, invites Cyrus, Thugger and Ramsey to take on Area 51 with him. While soldiers guarding the facility quake in their boots, the group arrive on horseback (or snakeback, in Thug’s case). They’re also accompanied by Keanu Reeves dressed like the anime character Naruto (a reference to the Facebook event’s suggested strategy of “Naruto running”). To see what they get up to with the aliens of Area 51, watch the video here:

Nas X has claimed that this third official remix of ‘Old Town Road’ will be the last, though artists like Mariah Carey and Smash Mouth have both indicated their interest to join the party: