Lil Nas X: “Country music chart ban made me feel even more accomplished”

Rapper debates whether 'Old Town Road' ban was racist and hints at future music.

Lil Nas X has said that removing his hit ‘Old Town Road’ from the country music charts has made his success feel even more of an achievement.

The smash hit was removed by Billboard from its country music chart in March, with a statement saying ‘Old Town Road’ “doesn’t embrace enough elements of today’s country music” to qualify for its chart.

A furore erupted, with many people feeling the decision was racist.


In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Lil Nas X said: “The Billboard decision wasn’t bigger than the song. Me being involved in something like that doesn’t make me feel bad. It makes me feel even more accomplished, in a way.”

Debating whether Billboard’s decision was racially motivated, the rapper said: “I had that idea in mind at first. But as I went on to think about it, I was ‘Maybe the country music industry is guarded.’ You can have your country song with trap elements, but if it’s known by country artists, then it’s allowed. A black guy who raps come along and is on top of the country charts? It’s ‘What the fuck?'”

Lil Nas X hinted his future music will be unexpected for fans of ‘Old Town Road’. “Just because you like one song from an artist, that doesn’t make you a fan,” he said. “So I’m not losing any fans if they don’t like what I’m putting out, because you wouldn’t necessarily be my fan if you were a fan of the song. Nothing is off limits.”

The rapper has teased new song ‘Panini’, but has yet to release a full follow-up to ‘Old Town Road’. He has been working on music with Rico Nasty and YoungKio.