Lil Nas X on how taking mushrooms helped him “open up” while writing ‘Montero’

He spent time "reflecting on life"

Lil Nas X has spoken about how experimenting with magic mushrooms helped him to “open up” on his debut studio album ‘Montero’.

During a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, the rapper-singer explained that taking the psychedelic drug “allowed [him] to push past lots of lingering feelings of self-consciousness”.

X told the outlet that he did not record any music but instead spent time “reflecting on life” with his two producers, who remained sober.


“I was able to open up a lot,” the artist explained. “I was able to write actual stories about my life and put it into my music. I actually did that for the first time.”

Touching on the controversies surrounding his sexuality, X said: “You take certain things like kissing a guy onstage: I know that’s going to be something that’s talked about. But let’s get into the root cause of why it’s being talked about.”

Lil Nas X was being interviewed by the WSJ after receiving the publication’s Innovator Award.

Reviewing ‘Montero’, NME wrote: “Lil Nas X has sometimes been accused of gimmickry and style-over-substance – ‘Montero’, meanwhile, sees him opening up on a more personal level, and asserting himself as an artist with serious creative pull.

“Often, he demonstrates this by nonchalantly inviting some of the biggest names in contemporary music along for the party.”

Meanwhile, Lil Nas X’s father has responded to homophobic remarks made against the rapper by Boosie Badazz. In a since-deleted tweet, Boosie launched into a homophobic rant using slurs and suggested that the star kill himself.

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