Lil Nas X says he turned down ‘Euphoria’ appearance to finish debut album

Though the rapper says he does eventually want to get into acting

Lil Nas X has revealed he declined an appearance on Euphoria in order to complete work on his forthcoming debut album, ‘Montero’.

In a new interview with Variety, the ‘Industry Baby’ rapper discussed turning down the Zendaya-starring HBO drama.

“I was actually going to do ‘Euphoria’, but I didn’t want to take time away from finishing my album,” he said. “I definitely want to get into acting, but I feel I have to give it my all, and I want to focus on music for right now. I want my first movie to be amazing.”


Elsewhere in the interview, the rapper talked about declining to discuss the issue of rap in homophobia because he feels like “this is a very dangerous playing field”, saying that it’s “more for my own safety rather than anything else”.

He went on to describe an incident a few days after the release of the video for his song ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’. “There was literally someone who chased my car a few days after that video came out, yelling, ‘Fuck you!’ or something. That’s when I actually started getting security.”

Nas also described feeling moved to be more open about his music and identity, saying he felt the pandemic helped him get out of the idea of “trying to please everybody”.

“I wanted to be even more authentic in my music and let people into my life. I’m much more confident now — in my music, myself, my sexuality, the things that I believe that I stand for.”

One musician who will be appearing in Euphoria‘s second season is Dominic Fike, with it revealed earlier this month that the singer-songwriter had been cast on the show.

Last month, Zendaya remarked that Euphoria‘s second season was “not going to be a fun watch” for fans.


“It’s gonna be hard and it’s gonna be devastating sometimes, but I think Rue really deserves all of that care when it comes to her character because I think she represents a lot for so many people,” she replied.

“I hope to make those people proud with our depictions of Rue [and] where all the characters go. I think this season’s not going to be easy, though.”

The show’s return has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but its next instalment will follow on from two special “bridge” episodes that aired in December 2020 and January 2021.