Watch Lil Peep’s videographer’s touching tribute video to late rapper

The behind-the-scenes clip was made by Peep's friend and collaborator Wiggy

Lil Peep‘s videographer has shared a touching video tribute to the late rapper – watch the clip below.

The hip-hop world was rocked last week by the shocking news of Peep’s passing at the age of 21. The Medical Examiner in charge of the case has confirmed the suspected cause of death to be a drug overdose, while Peep’s brother Karl Åhr said last week that his death had been “an accident”.

Tributes to Peep have poured in since his passing, with the latest one coming in the form of a video tribute from the late rapper’s videographer, Wiggy.

Featuring an audio clip of the recently-released track ‘Downtown’ – which samples Beach House‘s song ‘Silver Soul’ – the video gives a behind-the-scenes look at Peep’s life, showing him travelling, playing shows and being with his friends.

Watch Wiggy’s tribute to Lil Peep, ‘Are you really surprised you’re here?’, below.

Following Peep’s tragic death, his last-ever magazine interview was published by Paper magazine.

The feature saw the rapper discuss his connection with his fans, new-found fame, his sexuality and aims for the future. He also spoke about how his mother was “very proud” of him.