Lil Pump under fire for ‘anti-Asian slurs’ in new song ‘Butterfly Doors’

He's been branded as 'racist' and 'disgusting'

Lil Pump has been criticised for using what many have deemed to be racist language in a preview of new song ‘Butterfly Doors’.

The rapper posted a teaser of the song on Instagram, featuring the lyrics “They call me [Chinese basketball player] Yao Ming cause my eyes real low,” before he continues to pull his eyes down. He later ad-libs “ching chong,” which is a derogatory term referring to the Chinese language.

Having received millions of views, Lil Pump has now been slammed for his ‘racist’ and ‘disgusting’ language and behaviour.

Among them, Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina wrote in a since-deleted Tweet: “Always nice to hear a new song with a Ching Chong adlib. Guess it’s better than “eyes chink” like some other verses I’ve heard. But can we at least think of some more creative racist epithets? @lilpump.”

Other users also condemned Pump’s lyrics:

It’s been a controversial month for the rapper, starting with him live-streaming his arrest in Denmark after giving police officers the middle-finger, before reportedly being escorted off a plane in Miami before another arrest.

The rapper was forced to cancel a show in Finland this month as a result of detainment. Earlier this year, Lil Pump was forced to cancel an upcoming tour amid legal issues surrounding his probation.

The 18-year-old ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper took to Instagram to tell followers that he “gotta go in and do a couple of months” in prison after violating the terms of his probation.