Lil Pump live-streams his arrest in Denmark after being detained for giving police the middle finger

The rapper was arrested in Copenhagen

Lil Pump has been detained by police in Denmark after giving them the middle finger and live-streamed the whole experience on his Instagram.

The rapper was forced to cancel a show in neighbouring Finland as a result of his detainment on Tuesday (November 3).


According to TMZ, Lil Pump was detained by the police for even longer than they originally intended after showing officers his middle finger.

The reason for the arrest is currently unknown, although TMZ claim that a source close to the rapper told them one of his crew was carrying something illegal.

Earlier this year, Lil Pump was forced to cancel an upcoming tour amid legal issues surrounding his probation.

The 18-year-old ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper took to Instagram to tell followers that he “gotta go in and do a couple of months” in prison after violating the terms of his probation.

Lil Pump was arrested in Miami in August for driving without a license. Police also claimed that his car had an incorrect license plate.


Nevertheless, the controversial star has still been able to perform a handful of UK dates. At one show he performed on top of his tour bus after a smoke flare was reportedly set off during his performance in Nottingham.