Lil Wayne confirms long-awaited prison memoir

Gone Til November is about spell inside for illegal gun possession

Lil Wayne has confirmed details of his long-awaited prison memoir Gone Til November.

The book was first announced in 2012, but no further details apart from its title emerged. However, the book has now been given a release date of October 11 and will be published by Penguin, rather than 2012 publishers Grand Central.

The memoir is based on diaries kept by Wayne when he spent eight months at New York’s biggest prison, Rikers Island, in 2010. The rapper was sentenced after he was caught with an illegal .40 calibre pistol in his possession after police saw him smoking marijuana following his gig at New York theatre Beacon.

Wayne eventually served eight months of his one-year sentence, despite being found with contraband items including an MP3 player, phone charger and headphones two months into his jail term.

Gone Til November takes its title from the first letter Wayne wrote in prison. These letters were first published on the website Thank You Weezy, which highlighted how Wayne was coping with prison life. He wrote at the time that he read the Bible every day and worked out a lot in prison.

The British publishers of the 176-page book are Plume, who say of Gone Til November: “It’s a deeply personal and revealing account of his time spent incarcerated.”

Earlier this month (June 14), Wayne’s private plane made an emergency landing after he suffered a seizure. He was treated for side-effects of his epilepsy.