Lil Wayne says he’s a better rapper than Drake: ‘I annihilate that guy’

Lil Wayne 'discovered' Drake and signed him to his Young Money Entertainment label in 2009

Lil Wayne has said that he’s still a better rapper than Drake, exclaiming “I annihalate that guy”.

The rapper signed Drake to his Young Money Entertainment label in June 2009 and was responsible for launching the Canadian artist to a wider fanbase.

As reported by Stereogum, Lil Wayne recently took part in a lengthy new interview with US presenter Cari Champion on her ESPN Radio podcast Giving Major Props. He discussed discovering Drake and the influence and advice he has imparted on his career.


“I discovered Drake. He left everything behind,” said Wayne. “At the time he was singing and rapping. His image was the Drake we know now, he never changed his image. But back then it wasn’t accepted too well. Singing and rapping at the same time. He was getting shunned by a lot of people. He was getting rejected.

“I was the one to tell him, don’t change anything. Don’t think ‘cos you’re coming over here by me you gotta start rapping bout the things I rap about. Please rap about your little TV show, whatever you wanna rap about, rap about girls, do that. That’s what you’re good at.”

“It’s only natural for you to come over and just think, if I’m wit Wayne, I gonna rock like Wayne,” he added. “Don’t change anything. Don’t start singing about killing nobody, don’t start singing about the streets. Keep it Canadian man.”

Asked how Drake’s success made him feel, Wayne replied, “I don’t feel like I be deserving anything from him. Only thing I did was put him on a good platform.”

Despite his humble outlook, Wayne was quick to respond to the question of who is the better rapper. “I annihalate that guy,” he laughed.

Lil Wayne also went to share his thoughts on the recently released NWA movie, Straight Outta Compton.

He said: “The movie was amazing. I think they left a lot out of course, but they had to. It was cool to me. I really, really, really liked it.”

“I was a big Eazy-E fan,” he added. “I thought I was a little Eazy-E.”

Listen to the interview in full below: