Lil Wayne: ‘I’m bored of rapping’

Hip-hop star ditching rhymes to focus on skateboarding

Lil Wayne has insisted that he is bored of rapping and wants to put his career on hold to focus on skateboarding.

The ‘Tha Carter IV’ star has spoken openly in the past about his plans to retire in the near future and has repeatedly stated his desire to stop recording music in his 30s.

Now, with the hip-hop star set to celebrate his 30th birthday later this year, he has told Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9 that he is eager to move away from his solo career and focus on other projects.


“Being me, I always feel like I ain’t done nothing yet, so I’m always looking for the next thing to do,” he said, before adding:

It does get pretty boring when it comes to just the rapping and all that type of stuff. I’ve been doing it since I was eight and I’m about to be 30 in September.

The rapper went on to claim that he didn’t want his fans to become tired of his music, adding: “I think I deserve that. I think fans deserve a little-to-no Wayne. I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been out on everybody’s song. My artists are doing awesome; I believe the fans deserve some peace from me, so I’ll be on my skateboard in the meantime.”

Lil Wayne recently revealed that he is currently recording an album of “love songs”, which will be titled ‘Devol’. He previously claimed that he was planning to release a new album titled ‘I Am Not A Human Being 2’, but has now claimed that he is focusing on his romance-tinged LP instead and that it will be released in the coming months.

He is also planning to release a memoir documenting his time in prison, which is titled ‘Gone Till November’, on November 28 this year.