Lil Wayne admits he used to have a problem with codeine-drink ‘sizzurp’

Rapper admits he used to quaff the substance to help cope with sickness and fame

Lil Wayne has admitted that he used to suffer from a substance abuse problem after confessing he was reliant on the codeine-drink ‘sizzurp’.

According to TMZ, the rapper has revealed that he used the substance – which is also known as ‘Purple Drank’ and often takes the form of a prescription cough syrup – to combat illness and the pressures of fame.

In the video clip, the star – whose last album ‘Tha Carter IV’ sold nearly one million copies in its first week of release last month – claims that he was inspired to start drinking the substance because of one his rap heroes Pimp C, who died of an accidental ‘sizzurp’ overdose in 2007.

Although TMZ claim that Lil Wayne admitted he had grown more dependent upon the drink to help deal with the attention of being a celebrity, the rapper also insisted that he got the medicine from “the pharmacy” to help him with health problems, adding:

I don’t do this to be cool. I did this because I was sick.

Earlier this year, Lil Wayne was rushed to hospital after injuring himself skateboarding and received nine stitches to a cut above his upper eye.

Lil Wayne has also recently been dropping hints about his possible retirement. The rapper, who is currently 28, has said he will call time on his career when he reaches his thirties so he can focus on parenthood.