Lil Wayne has suffered his third seizure in less than a month

He suffered the seizure moments before going on stage

Lil Wayne has suffered another seizure – this time in Las Vegas, moments before he was due on stage.

It’s his third in less than a month, following two seizures on June 13, Wayne was flying from Milwaukee to California when he initially suffered a seizure. The plane made an emergency landing at an airport in Omaha, Nebraska, but took off again shortly after as Wayne refused medical treatment.

However, minutes later, the rapper continued to suffer from the effects of the seizure and the plane landed back at Nebraska airport. Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, was taken for emergency treatment at CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center.


TMZ reports that this latest incident occurred over the weekend as the artist was getting ready to perform at the TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. The seizure hit moments before he was supposed to take the stage.

The rapper was immediately hospitalized and forced to cancel the performance. TMZ says that he’s now resting in his Miami home after a stay in ICU.

The seizures are thought to be linked to Wayne’s history of epilepsy. He first revealed he has the condition in 2012, after his plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas.

He told radio station Power 106 at the time: “I’m prone to seizures. I’ve had a bunch of them, but y’all never get to hear about them. It got real bad this time, because I had three in a row and my heartbeat went down to, like, 30%. The reason is plain stress – no rest, overworking myself.”