Lil Wayne dons guitar for new rock direction in London

Rapper covers Aerosmith at HMV Hammersmith Apollo

Lil Wayne unveiled his new rock direction to UK audiences last night (October 8) as he performed with a live band at the first of three shows at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London.

The New Orleans rapper, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, had previously announced his much-touted foray into the world of guitar music with his still to be released new album ‘Rebirth’. The gig marked the first live performance of this new material on British shores.

After a stadium rock-esque intro, the rapper waited until around halfway through the performance before taking a break from rapping and picking up a guitar himself.

“If you ain’t afraid to rock, show me,” he told the crowd, before making a devil horn hand sign which the audience mimicked. He then launched into a brief cover of Aerosmith‘s ‘Walk This Way’, which segued into ‘Prom Queen’, the first of his new rock tracks.

Apparently unable to actually play the guitar, Lil Wayne tapped at one string frenetically.

Other songs performed with live rock instrumentation included ‘Play In My Band’ and ‘I’m Me’, although the second of his rock singles to be released, ‘Hot Revolver’, was absent from the setlist.

Although the new rock songs were well-received, the crowd’s biggest cheers were reserved for Lil Wayne‘s hip-hop classics from his back-catalogue, including fiery set opener ‘A Milli’ and previous singles ‘Go DJ’ and ‘Lollipop’. On ‘Always Strapped’ he appeared with fellow rappers Mack Maine and Baby.

Lil Wayne repeatedly thanked the crowd and, in a tribute to Michael Jackson, he had his DJ end the show by playing the late singer’s hit ‘Billie Jean’. He plays the venue again tonight (8) and on Saturday (10).

Lil Wayne played:

‘A Milli’
‘Got Money’
‘Die 4 My Niggaz’
‘Phone Home’
‘Swagger Like Us’
‘Mr Carter’
‘Go DJ’
‘Money On My Mind’
‘Get Money’
‘Walk this Way’
‘Prom Queen’
‘Play in My Band’
‘I’m Me’
‘Turning Me On’
‘Pop Bottles’
‘U Aint Know’
‘We Takin Over’
‘I Run This’
‘Always Strapped’
‘Ain’t I’
‘Get Bizzy’
‘3 Peat’
‘Let The Beat Build’
‘Ms Officer’
‘Tie My Hands’/’Misunderstood’
‘Shoot Me Down’/’Shooter’
‘My Life’
‘Every Girl In The World’