Lil Wayne to write own horror movie

Grammy-nominated rapper just needs to convince himself he can do it

Lil Wayne has announced plans to write his own horror movie.

The award-winning rapper is a huge fan of the genre, however he isn’t sure he could step up to the challenge, he told MTV News.

“I always think I be trippin’,” he said of the plans. “Like, you think you’re too good. Shut your stupid ass up, you can’t write no movie. I always sit down and be like, ‘I’m gonna write me a movie.’ Then about five minutes later I be like, ‘You really think you’re a little genius, don’t you.'”


It’s not Lil’ Wayne‘s first foray into the world of film. He recently shot some scenes with Forest Whitaker for the upcoming sports drama ‘Hurricane Season’, and found himself intimidated by the great actor.

“If I ever thought I was slipping on what I’m doing around here, I would remember those experiences of being around him,” he said. “He looks at you once, speaks to you once, he’s not ever going to make eye contact with you again.”

On top of that Lil Wayne has starred in his own documentary ‘The Carter’, which is heading to the Sundance film festival.

He’s also been nominated for an un-equalled eight Grammy Awards and is set to perform at the ceremony next month.