Lil Wayne prepares for jail by shooting seven music videos

Rapper sends message before starting sentence

Lil Wayne has prepared for his jail sentence for gun crime by shooting seven new music videos, he has revealed.

The rapper sent a video message to MTV News prior to his scheduled one-year incarceration today (March 2) for gun crime relating to an incident in 2007 in New York, when police officers found a handgun on his tourbus.

“I’m back, fresh out of the surgery,” he said, referring to the dental surgery that saw his sentence postponed until today. “If I’m talking a little funny, I’m fresh out of the surgery. If I’m talking a little funny, I’m still days from the medicines.”

He added, “We shot seven videos last night. Tonight we gonna eat, then go to the studio, then we gonna get some verses in and party‚Ķ I still haven’t got no pussy. This is becoming an America alert. This is a tragedy.”