Lil Xan denies he broke up with Noah Cyrus over Charlie Puth ‘porn meme’

The rapper denied the breakup was down to a dodgy meme

Lil Xan has denied that he broke up with Noah Cyrus over a meme.

Noah, younger sister of Miley Cyrus, suggested that the break up was down to a meme that she sent to the rapper. It reportedly showed Charlie Puth’s face superimposed onto a porn-stars body.

However, Xan has denied everything saying: “If y’all think that meme is the reason I broke up with Noah, that is hilarious,” he said in an Instagram video. He instead claimed that he broke up with Cyrus after she allegedly cheated on him.


Cyrus, meanwhile hit back saying: “Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt…if this was your way of breaking up with me and breaking my heart along with it, then you’ve succeeded.”

In an Instagram post announcing a new EP titled ‘The Goodcry EP’, she added: “Well… due to the circumstances I think I named this EP appropriately. Good cry coming.”


The drama continued later on when Xan suggested their relationship was a set up by record label Columbia. In a separate video, he said: “It was something set up by Columbia Records… shout out to Columbia Records, too, for setting up that fake relationship. I didn’t want to do it, to be completely honest.”

He continued: “It was just added work to my schedule, you know what I mean?”

Cyrus then responded, rebuking Xan’s suggestions. “This relationship was not set up by Columbia… to say that is a joke. It started when I got a DM from Diego and he asked me to hang out.”

The two collaborated on a song, ‘Live or Die’ and appeared together at the VMA’s recently before the break-up.

Reviewing Xan’s album, ‘Total Xanarchy’ earlier this year, NME wrote: “The young rapper’s debut album is a tolerance test…”

“Lil Xan is by no means the worst thing to happen to hip-hop, nor does he symbolise its death. However, he isn’t very good either. Stretched to a full album’s worth of material, Xan’s music, like a certain branded prescription drug, quickly tires those with little tolerance.”

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