‘We lost a legend’ – Lil Xan speaks out on the death of XXXTentacion

'Everybody's either dying or overdosing'

Lil Xan  has spoken out to tribute to XXXTentacion – hailing him as ‘a legend’ who was ‘in the midst of transitioning into changing the world for the better’.

XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Onfroy, was shot dead as he left a Miami motorcycle dealership in June. Officials claim that his car was being locked by another vehicle when two masked gunmen approached his car, before shooting him and fleeing with a Louis Vuitton bag filled with $50,000.

Now fellow rapper Lil Xan has praised the late Onfroy – as well as discussing a recent tattoo that he had inked in his memory.

“Rest in peace to [XXXTentacion],” Xan told Billboard. “He was in the midst of transitioning into changing the world for the better, and I think all of us as rappers should just stop with all this beef s–t and just spread love, positivity… Love’s all that matters.”

Speaking of his tattoo, Xan continued: “We both have tracks called ‘Moonlight’ – I like his a lot better. So I thought it’d be cool to get ‘moonlight’ and then get the day, unfortunately, we lost a legend, June 18.”

Calling for an end to negativity and “vicious” violence in the rap world, he went on: “We also lost Jimmy Wopo on the same day as X, and it’s like, damn man, everybody’s either dying, overdosing… That is what I’m trying to get out of this music… I’m trying to get people off [drugs], and I have my own demons… and my fans know that. I’m an open book.”

Xan added: “It gets better, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It may take one day, it may take ten years. But one day you will find happiness if you manifest it. Put that energy out, and it’ll come back.”


Last month, it was reported that XXXTentacion had signed a $10million record deal just prior to his death.

Following the release of ‘?’ in March, they are said to have offered him a huge deal for what would have been his third studio LP. Ghazi Shami, Empire’s founder, declined to comment on these reports. However, she did state that “a significant amount of material” for the record had been completed.

The report also suggests that the new material won’t be released “until at least October” because of a clause in XXXTentacion’s previous contract.