Lily Allen, George Michael, Example react to News Of The World closure

Everything Everything, Reverend And The Makers and Steve Mason also have their say on tabloid's fate

Lily Allen, George Michael and Example are among the figures from the music world who have reacted to the announcement that the News Of The World is to close.

A host of bands and artists took to Twitter to offer their view on the Sunday newspaper’s impending closure this weekend (July 10), following recent allegations of mobile phone hacking.

Lily Allen‘s tweet focused on under-fire News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and her seemingly ‘safe’ position within the company. The ‘retired’ singer said: “Rebekah Brooks must have something on the Murdochs, or she gave them a really nice christmas present.”


George Michael said that the closure of the newspaper marked a “fantastic day for Britain” and recalled an apparent meeting with Brooks in his home.

He tweeted: “Rebekah Brooks sat two feet from me in my own home and told me that it was never the public that came to them with information on celebrities, and that the Police always got there first. I think thats enough to be going on with. (Don’t ask me how she got there).”

Meanwhile, Everything Everything wrote on their page: “Goodbye News Of The World, you morally repugnant wankers. Hooray!”

Ex-Beta Band singer Steve Mason reacted by saying: “News Of The World no longer exists! [James] Murdoch just sacked the lot of em.”

Example meanwhile, was a bit more light-hearted in his approach. “News Of The World is being shut down?? How is Kerry Katona going to feed her kids!?” he joked.

Reverend And The Makers frontman Jon McClure also tried to make light of Brooks‘ situation, with a perhaps ill-judged comparison with convicted child murderer Myra Hindley.


Rebecca brooks leading the hacking investigation is like asking Myra hindley to mind the kids for half an hour,” he tweeted.

The closure was announced by News International chairman James Murdoch this afternoon (7). He said the good things the News Of The World did “have been sullied by behaviour that was wrong – indeed, if recent allegations are true, it was inhuman and has no place in our company”.

Before the announcement Noel Gallagher also voiced his opinion over the recent phone hacking allegations. “It’s probably the most gross an infringement of people’s civil liberties as there is ever likely to be, particularly in the case of that young girl who died. It’s the dark side of the media,” he said.

The Sunday newspaper has been running for 168 years.