Samantha Morton hails Lily Allen for publicly opening up about her stalker

'Minority Report' and 'Control' actress also criticises the police

Actress Samantha Morton has hailed Lily Allen for publicly opening up about a stalker who harrassed her for seven years.

The singer revealed over the weekend that she had been harrassed by Alex Gray, a man in his early twenties from Perth in Scotland

He began his harassment of the singer in 2009 by setting up a Twitter account called @lilyallenRIP and claiming he had written her Number One single ‘The Fear’. 

He then began leaving abusive letters at her flat, record company and a shop belonging to her sister. The harassment culminated in an incident last October in which Gray managed to enter Allen’s house and bedroom and proceeded to steal her handbag.

Morton, who appeared in court in 2008 to testify against her childhood friend Noel Watts, who had allegedly bombarded her with letters, emails and disturbing phone calls trying to declare his love for her, took to Twitter to praise the singer and offer her support. “Thank you for sharing. So brave of you. I’ve been stalked by the same man since 14 yrs old. In prison now but took its time…” she wrote.

Allen also criticised the police over their handling of her case. Morton, who starred alongside Tom Cruise in Minority Report and the Joy Division film Control went on to rant about her own experience of the police handling abuse cases.

“Someone I know recently reported suspected child abuse (they had enough evidence for certainly an arrest and interview) the police took weeks (to get) back to us, then said there was nothing they could do…” she wrote.

The actress, who spent most of her childhood in care homes, revealed in 2014 that she had been abused by two men when she was 13-years-old and no action was taken when she reported it to police officers and social workers in Nottingham.

Referring to her case, she added: “Like me reporting my abuse as a child. CPS (Crown Prosecution Service)…not enough evidence… Even with witnesses… It’s too long ago… That’s all we hear. It’s always lessons to be learned….”

Gray was convicted earlier this month (April) at Harrow Crown Court of burglary and harassment and will be sentenced in May.