Lily Allen launches fresh attack on police dealing with her stalking case

Singer goes on the offensive after receiving an email from the Met

Lily Allen has launched a fresh attack on the Met Police dealing with her stalking case.

The singer revealed over the weekend that she had been harrassed by a stalker for seven years and also criticised the police for the way they handled her case, saying: “Every time I tried to talk to someone about it, it was like hitting a brick wall. You feel very disconnected and that makes you disconnected to people around you, too.”

Following her comments, the police have since sent her an email suggesting her “high profile” intervention may have discouraged others from coming forward. It adds: “Due to the high profile of this matter I fear other victims of similar crimes may have read the story and now may not have the confidence in us to report such matters. As such it is really important I can understand what, if anything, went wrong during the investigation.”

NMELaura Palmer/NME

Allen has criticised the response. “I think it’s victim-shaming and victim-blaming,” she told BBC Newsnight. The singer is now supporting a campaign by the Women’s Equality Party and the stalking advocacy service Paladin to set up a register for serial stalkers.

Alex Gray, a man in his early twenties from Perth in Scotland, began his harassment of the singer in 2009 by setting up a Twitter account called @lilyallenRIP and claiming he had written her Number One single ‘The Fear’. 

He then began leaving abusive letters at her flat, record company and a shop belonging to her sister. The harassment culminated in an incident last October in which Gray managed to enter Allen’s house and bedroom and proceeded to steal her handbag.

Gray was convicted earlier this month (April) at Harrow Crown Court of burglary and harassment and will be sentenced in May.