Lily Allen continues to doubt David Cameron after PM makes his tax returns public

Pop star is leading anti-Cameron protests following Panama Papers leak

Lily Allen has raised questions over the recently released tax returns of David Cameron, the latest in a series of critical tweets the pop star has directed at the Prime Minister.

Allen attended a London protest calling for Cameron’s resignation on Saturday (April 9) which saw hundreds gather outside Downing Street following revelations that the PM had previously benefited from shares in his father’s business, which had invested in an offshore trust.

Blairmore, an offshore company owned by Cameron’s father was named in the leaked Panama Papers, leading to the Conservative leader to later admit that he sold his shares for £31,500 four months before becoming Prime Minister in 2010. It has not been suggested that Cameron has done anything illegal.

Responding to the news online, Allen tweeted “Our Prime Minister has been stealing from us. It’s very important that he resigns,” before lamenting that “not one of my friends will come protest with me”.

The singer later uploaded a photo of herself at the protest (see above), as well as a picture of a fellow protestor wearing a pig mask, referring to allegations made about Cameron last year.

“I think he’s been dishonest and the trust has gone,” the Daily Mail quote Allen as saying at the protest.

After Cameron posted his tax returns for the last six years, Allen tweeted: “Your tax returns show what you HAVE declared,” adding: “If you were sitting on a load of money in say, the Bahamas, it wouldn’t show up on your tax return, right?”

See Allen’s tweets in full below.

Meanwhile, Allen recently paid homage to Kanye West by uploading a mock version of his ‘The Life Of Pablo’ artwork.