Lily Allen gives birth to baby girl, according to ‘close friend’

'Retired' singer's delivery was 'all good', source says

Lily Allen gave birth to a baby girl earlier tonight (November 25), a ‘close friend’ has told reporters.

The source told the Daily Mail that the birth was “all good”, although a spokesman for the singer declined to comment on the speculation.

Allen posted a tweet which simply read “totes amaze” earlier today, while the ‘retired’ singer’s ex-boyfriend Seb Chew posted a tweet two hours ago “sending out love” to Allen, husband Sam Cooper and “mini Cooper”.


Last month, Allen told her Twitter followers that she had been suffering from Braxton Hicks, false labour pains.

The pregnancy, which was first announced during Cooper’s speech at the couple’s June wedding, came seven months after she suffered her second miscarriage.

After confirming plans to take a break from music in December 2009, Allen has turned her hand to running a London fashion store, Lucy In Disguise.

She has also been working on songs to accompany a new musical version of Bridget Jones’ Diary, which are set to be heard “some time next year”.

However, Allen has also hinted at a return to music this year, revealing she misses playing live and suggesting that she could return as a country artist.