Lily Allen to go country?

Singer says she misses playing live

Lily Allen has hinted that she might make a comeback as a country artist.

The singer, who announced her retirement from the pop last year, has also confessed that she misses performing live.

Speaking to the BBC‘s Test Match Special she said: “Maybe I’ll be Lily Rose Cooper, the country artist. When I do go to gigs I get a slight pang of envy and think, ‘Oh I do miss being up on that stage.’ But I have other priorities at the moment.”

Recently the singer told Elle magazine that it was the specific crowd interaction that she missed: “I can’t commit to going on tour for seven months and leaving Sam [new husband Sam Cooper],” she said. “I really miss singing my songs to people and seeing the reaction on their faces. It’s one of the most special things you can do, or it was for me.”

The singer added that she feels distant from her pop persona of old: “I started doing what I did when I was 18 years old and it was very juvenile,” she said. “I feel that character is someone I can’t go back to because so much has happened to me since. I still write for other people. I’ve just written the Bridget Jones musical, which will probably be onstage next year.”