Lily Allen ‘asked to join Gordon Brown and David Cameron’s general election campaigns’

Singer claims she was invited to Labour and the Conservatives' party conferences

Lily Allen has claimed she was recently courted by the Conservatives and the Labour Party.

With the May 6 general election less than two weeks away, the singer told the Sunday Times she was invited to both parties’ recent conferences – but turned them down.

She discussed how the invite from the Tories was particularly odd given that their leader David Cameron recently claimed her music was “unsuitable” for his six-year-old daughter.

“Never mind. I don’t think they’d have been denouncing me if I’d turned up at the Conservative Party conference,” Allen said.

“I got an invite to the Labour one [conference] as well,” she added.

Allen also claimed some of Cameron‘s other apparent musical favourites may have been ill-judged.

“I thought that his favourite album that he likes listening to with his kids is the Arctic Monkeys (2006’s debut ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’, which if I’m not mistaken is all about one-night stands and prostitution,” she said.