Lily Allen says she doesn’t mind fans buying her burned CDs

Singer 'all for burning CDs as long as people pay for them'

Lily Allen has waded into the illegal download debate again, claiming that she doesn’t oppose people purchasing burned copies of her CDs as long as they pay for them.

The singer, who previously launched a campaign against illegal file-sharing and said that music piracy and downloading is damaging the industry, said she wants fans to appreciate the value of her work.

“If someone comes up with a burnt copy of my CD and offers it to you for £4 I haven’t a problem with that as long as the person buying it places some kind of value on my music,” she told Key 103.

The singer’s old anti-file-sharing blog was supported by a host of artists including Mark Ronson, Gary Barlow of Take That and Bat For Lashes Natasha Khan before she pulled the plug on it in September because the “abuse” she was getting for doing it was “getting too much”.

The star initially criticised the Featured Artists Coalition, which is supported by Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, over their stance on illegal downloads. But they later sent her a letter outlining that they were in fact opposed to the concept in principle.