Lily Allen to set up her own record label

Singer says she is not leaving music behind

Lily Allen has said that despite previously declaring she is not planning to release another album, she is not leaving music behind – but working on setting up her own record label.

The singer told BBC 6music that she was “in talks” about setting up her own imprint, and suggested her work in the music industry may develop into a more behind-the-scenes role, rather than as a singer.

“I’m not retiring from music,” she said. “I might retire from singing for a bit. I feel like maybe having a bit of a break from doing that and do something else for a while.”

She added: “I love working in music. I like to help other bands so I’m thinking about – well, we’re in talks about – setting up my own label and dedicating the next couple of years to that.”

Allen also said she was in talks about appearing in a West End show.