Liam Gallagher, Lily Allen, Mark Ronson – what we’ve learned on Twitter this week (August 21)

All the best Tweets from your favourite musicians

It’s been another busy week, and our favourite musicians have been letting off steam on Twitter again.

Here’s what we’ve learned from their posts, including Lily Allen putting people straight about her (alleged) new squeeze’s job profession, Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Kapranos revealing what bassist Bob Hardy was doing when he missed out on a show with the band last week, and what happened when Mark Ronson met “the actual ‘Valerie’“. Plus, Reverend And The Markers’ Jon McClure gives up weed.

Here’s some of the best Tweets from the past week, spelling mistakes and all


Lily Allen: Sam cooper(a close friend) keeps being referred to as a painter and decorater, which is fine. he is actually a builder and runs his own firm.

Mark Ronson: by the way, i met THE actual “valerie” last night, that was weird. i felt like emptying my bank account into her pockets

Wild Beasts: A pie walks into a bar and asks for a pint. The landlord tells him ‘I’m sorry, we don’t serve food’.

Tim Westwood: Doin nuthin but watchin daytime TV – on the 5th episode Ricki Lake. It makes me feel I need some loud relationship drama in my life.

Andrew WK: The “Party Life Sandwich”: Chunky peanut butter spread between 2 Hershey bars, all stuffed inside a pita pocket. Oven bake!

Jon McClure: my love affair with the herb is over! the green is gone panic aint the way!


Liam Gallagher: 20 years ago I went to see the mighty Stone Roses, proper stars, how times have changed… LG

Alex Kapranos: Strange to play a gig and look down to see Robert Hardy in the audience on a computer screen live on Ichat.

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