Is Barack Obama a Lily Allen fan?

Obama already has a copy of 'Alright, Still'...

Lily Allen has said that she hopes Barack Obama is a fan of her music after hearing that the US President-elect owns a copy of her 2006 debut album, ‘Alright, Still’.

Obama was handed a copy of Allen’s album by Conservative Party leader David Cameron when the two men met last July.

Cameron also gave Obama albums by The Smiths, Gorillaz and Radiohead.


Allen called the gesture “totally mad”, but admitted she was intrigued to find out whether Obama did actually play ‘Alright, Still’.

“I wondered if he listened to it,” she told The Telegraph. “I just assume that someone took them off him and put them in a bag somewhere, or threw it away, but a little part of me was thinking maybe he was sitting on the plane on the way back: ‘Michelle? Have a listen to this. She’s funny…'”

Allen also spoke about her reasons for not working with producer Mark Ronson on forthcoming new album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’, released on February 9.

Ronson co-produced ‘Alright, Still’ to great success, but the singer said sessions with him for her new album were not so successful. “Literally I sat on the sofa for a week and didn’t do anything,” she admitted.

She added, “It felt really tainted as well because we were in the studio that he’d been working with Amy [Winehouse] in, and I was kind of in her bed, and it was all very weird. I would just cook dinner.”