Lily Allen lambasts the New York Times

Singer says she's 'furious' the newspaper used photos without her consent

Lily Allen has lashed out at the New York Times for allegedly selling photographs taken inside her London flat to OK! magazine without her permission.

The renowned daily paper, which ran an article about the singer earlier this month, reportedly sold the photos taken in the context of that piece to another media outlet without Allen‘s consent.

In a message posted on the singer’s MySpace page today (February 27), Allen said that the New York Times‘ actions were “cheap and disgusting” and that she was “furious” that the publication would sell the photos to a “tabloidy” magazine.


She explained: “A photographer whose name escapes me came round to the house to take a picture to accompany the NYT piece, they wanted one picture of me in my home setting. Seeing as the piece was so intimate and the biggest part of the interview had been conducted at my house. It is unusual for me to allow photographers into my home but these seemed like special circumstances and after all TNYT is one of the most respected news publications in the world.

“When you read magazines such as NOW, People, US weekly, Heat, More etc they print pictures that they buy from other magazines for instance, I’ll do a shoot and an interview with SPIN magazine or Observer Music Monthly and they might syndicate those pictures or sell them to other magazines. These magazines will then print those pictures alongside a whole bunch of quotes lifted from previous interviews. This can be incredibly misleading and tedious as I would never sit down and do an interview with most of the tabloidy magazines.”

“I’ve been trying to clamp down on this more recently, and now, when I do a photo shoot, I get the magazine to sign a contract saying they wont syndicate the photographs without my consent. I don’t do this because I’m a snob, it’s more because the more credible magazines are unlikely to take me seriously and work with me if it looks like I’ve been doing interviews with whoever will listen.”

Allen went on to say that she was reprimanded by her publicist for not using a photo contract. “Needless to say I was mortified, in fact I was in tears, 6 photos of inside my home for everyone to see, and a made up interview that was very misleading. All this because I’d let the NYT photographer into my home. I was furious and got on the phone immediately…Everybody assures me this is completely unheard of for the NYT to act in such a cheap and disgusting way.”

Allen then posted the letter of explanation the New York Times sent her, to which she responded: “Uuuuurrggh , so patronizing, and gross. The world has become a dark place when The New York Times considers OK magazine to be “the news business”. Sorry if that made for tedious reading but, I think the NYT have behaved really badly and I wanted to vent . It’s one thing posing for a picture for TNYT and wholly another letting OK into your house, and I didn’t even get paid.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.


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