Take That, Bat For Lashes respond to Lily Allen’s anti-file-sharing campaign

Singer sets up blog to record campaign progress

Take That‘s Gary Barlow, Bat For LashesNatasha Khan and Spandau Ballet‘s Gary Kemp have responded to Lily Allen‘s plea for support in her campaign against illegal file-sharing.

Allen criticised the Featured Artists’ Coalition, which includes Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, for failing to take a stand against illegal file-sharing. Now she has set up a blog to document responses she has got after sending a letter to artists asking for support.

She sent out a note to various musicians, stating: “What I’d like is for artists that don’t think file sharing is fine to get their message out there too. I want to make it clear that file-sharing is not alright. And I want the industry and the artists that have made it to look at how we can help those artists that are still struggling to break through in the file-sharing age.”

Barlow responded to the letter, writing: “I agree with every single sentence. I spend so much of my spare time helping up and coming artists find their way so am fully aware of all the issues in your letter.”

Kemp also outlined his support for the singer’s cause. “Well done for making the effort and not just sitting on the fence like most people,” he wrote. “Let me know what I can do.”

Khan said she was interested in the debate, but wanted to do further research before outlining her specific views. “I agree that file-sharing is a huge and complicated problem for emerging artists, myself included, and for the future of music,” she wrote. “I will be taking the time to research this, but if you do have any meetings where we can all get together and discuss, then please let me know.”

You can read Allen‘s blog at Idontwanttochangetheworld.blogspot.com.

Muse’s Matt Bellamy had previously responded to Allen, saying he believed that one of the main problems was internet service providers not being taxed properly for using copyrighted material. Patrick Wolf has also come out in support of the singer.

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