Featured Artists Coalition tell Lily Allen they’re not pro illegal downloads

'We don't support illegal downloading,' says FAC statement

The Featured Artists Coalition has responded to Lily Allen’s suggestion that the musicians’ organisation is not taking enough of a stand against illegal downloading.

FAC member Ed O’Brien of Radiohead had criticised the government’s proposal to cut off the connections of persistent illegal downloaders.

However, Allen has since sent a letter asking for the support of various musicians in her stance against illegal downloading, collating responses on a new blog.


Today (September 21), the FAC posted a statement on the organisation’s website,, outlining that it was in fact opposed to illegal downloading.

The statement explained that the organisation had been referring to the specific government plan to cut illegal downloaders’ connections, insisting it still believed that music should be paid for.

“Statements made in opposition to this idea [that connections should be severed] by members of the Featured Artists Coalition have been taken to imply that we condone illicit file-sharing,” the statement read. “This is not the case and never has been.

“We wish to make it clear to all parties that we believe the creative work of artists should be paid for by those who enjoy it and that whenever our music is used, royalties should be paid.”

The statement went on to outline that the coalition did not believe that fans who download small amounts of music illegally should be persecuted. It suggested that illegal file-sharing could help new acts gain promotion.

“The focus of our objection is the proposed treatment of ordinary music fans who download a few tracks so as to check out our material before they buy,” it read. “For those of us who don’t get played on the radio or mentioned in the music media – artists established and emerging – peer-to-peer recommendation is an important form of promotion.”


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