Goldie Lookin Chain brand Lily Allen ‘as thick as pig shit’

Welsh rappers slam 'The Fear' singer

Goldie Lookin Chain‘s P Xain has launched an attack on Lily Allen, branding the singer “as thick as pig shit”.

The rapper has also slammed Allen for saying things of “little substance” in order to attract publicity.

Lily Allen is as thick as pig shit. She’ll say anything to get in the news,” the Newport MC told the Daily Star .

“The worst thing is she has so little substance to what she says that people pick up on things like: ‘Oh, I did cocaine’. Any time she says anything controversial it ends up on the front of the paper,” he added.

Allen came under fire from drugs charities earlier this month after appearing to endorse cocaine use in an interview with The Word magazine.

The singer is expected to hit Number One in the UK singles chart with her new single ‘The Fear’ tomorrow (February 1).

Goldie Lookin Chain, meanwhile, release new single ‘By Any Means Necessary’ on March 16.